Twins brutally kill blind old woman

H. and G. (10) were charged with the death and robbery of a blind old woman this morning. The twins locked the victim in her burning oven and ran off with her jewelry. They claim the murder was self-defence. – Valerie Baeke

Candy house
Candy house

The police was called to a candy house near the forest. When the officer arrived they found the burned body of an 85-year old lady in her oven.

Soon the police arrested two young children near the forest.  They stated that their father left them alone at night and they looked for shelter in the candy house of the victim. They killed the old lady because she would have been a wicked witch who tried to cook and eat them first. When she was preparing the oven, the twins pushed her into the flames and locked the door. They stole her jewelry and money so they could start a new life.

The police couldn’t find any evidence on their story. There is still no sign of the father.


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